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Farmer's Wallet
  • 4.5 (311 Votes)
Keep track of your farming incomes and other costs with visual reports & summary
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Crop Farmers App
  • 4.3 (219 Votes)
Summarized guide for farmers dealing in crops, fruits and vegetables.
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My Cattle Manager
  • 4.5 (225 Votes)
A powerful app for livestock farming. Track cattle, events, milk and revenue.
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My Poultry Manager
  • 4.4 (191 Votes)
Manager your poultry with modernized records and detailed reports/ analysis.
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My Piggery Manager
  • 4.4 (111 Votes)
Manage your piggery farm with the best reports, record keeping and analysis.
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My Goat Manager
  • 4.3 (160 Votes)
Manage your goat farm with the best records, reports and analytics
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My Crop Manager
  • 4.3 (67 Votes)
An app for crop farmers to manage fields, crops, harvests and revenue easily.
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