My Fish Manager

My Fish Manager

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A comprehensive fish farm management tool for a modern farmer.

This app helps fish farmers to monitor their fish farm activities, productivity and profitability of their businesses. It simplifies/digitizes data entry, record keeping, accounting and reporting for aquaculture farmers. (The app works entirely offline you don't need internet to use the app).

The app is highly customizable and enables you setup your aquaculture farm i.e. types of fish you raise on your farm such as catfish, tilapia, carp, etc. feeds, fish farms and ponds, income and expense categories. After the setup, you can then go ahead and manage your fish and feeds inventory with ease.

Monitor all your farms & ponds in one place and track their activities. Capture your stocking, feeding, sampling, mortality & harvest data. The app also allows you to attach your records to specific pond sites and pond eg cashflow tracking (income and expenses), your fish farm feeds and fish linked to specific sites or ponds on the site.

Track your farm tasks, farm notes, fish sales/harvests, fish purchase and feeds purchase expenses with the app under inventory and get real-time reports of your current inventory standing. Improve the profitability of your fish farm business with this handy app.

This fish farm management app comes with the following features;

  • Enabling you to setup your farm (fish types raised, feed types, income and expense types).
  • Record and track your farm cashflow (income and expenses).
  • Record and track feeds inventory (feed purchases and usage/feeding).
  • Record and track fish inventory (fish purchases, sales/harvests and other usages).
  • Register and manage fish farms/sites and attach ponds to the pond sites/farms.
  • Generation of reports for your fish farm business eg feeds report , cash flow report, fish inventory report and tasks report both in pdf and visual form.
  • Backup and restore of data to your Google drive account.
  • Ability to share data between multiple devices (multi-user environment).
  • Ability to export reports/records to pdf, excel, csv.
  • Ability to setup customized reminders/notifications.
  • The app works entirely offline.