Farmer's Wallet

Farmer's Wallet

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One of the best farm record keeping apps for a farmer.
It helps modern farmers to keep track of their daily agricultural incomes and expenses. It's a farm record keeping app that helps a farmer generate text and visual reports that give insightful information to the farmer such as trends in incomes and expenses over a desired time period.

Be able to backup your data and export your data to an excel file for other usages. Get periodic reminders about data entry.

The app also allows it's user to set a pin to lock his data for his/her privacy concerns.

This app is best for anyone practicing agriculture/ farming such as poultry farming , dairy farming, crop growing, fish farming and poultry farming as it helps him/her with simplified transactions record keeping for his/her farm produces by simplifying farm record keeping/ farm logs.

The app is free of charge and easy to use with a guide that comes handy within the app. Use this app and provide feedback on how we can continuously improve it to be the best revenue and cost tracker for a modern farmer. This is one of the best farming apps/ farm expense tracker apps out there. Let's make agriculture better with this agriculture app.