My Piggery Manager

My Piggery Manager

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Manage your piggery farm with the best reports, record keeping and analysis.

This is a modern app for piggery farmers to manage their farms with ease. The app helps farmers to track and record pig events such as insemination, abortions, pregnancies, treatments, etc, feed usage and purchases, income and expenses. It generates visual, excel, csv and pdf reports on the fly.

This app makes management of piggery farms easier. It supports sows , boars, gilts, weaners and piglet management. The app can help you track and change pig stages e.g from piglet to weaner to gilt until the pig reaches the sow stage. The same goes for male pigs.

Another important feature of the app is the ability to track both individual and mass events such as insemination, pregnancies, abortions, treatments, vaccinations, castrations, weighing, spraying, births and linking piglets to their parents and litter numbers.

After tracking these events, the app gives you a report for these events within any specified/ desired time period.

The app also supports managing pig breeds such that at any moment, a farmer can get statistics on how many pigs, he/she has with a specific breed and can also freely add or remove breeds from his piggery farm.

This pig management app comes with the following features;

  • Registering and tracking pig family tree.
  • Recording and tracking of pig events.
  • Managing piggery farm cash flow.
  • Generation of piggery reports e.g piggery cash flow report, events report, insemination, pregnancies and pig report both in pdf, excel, csv and visual form.
  • Print the generated reports.
  • Periodic reminders about data entry.
  • Backup and restore of data.
  • Ability to share data between multiple devices (multi-user environment).
  • Ability to add pictures of pigs.
  • Ability to export reports/records to pdf, excel, csv.
  • Ability to setup customized reminders/notifications.
  • The app can work entirely offline.

Use this app and provide feedback on how we can continuously improve it to be the best piggery management app.