My Crop Manager

My Crop Manager

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This is an app for crop farmers to manage fields, crops, harvests and revenue easily.

This app has been designed to help crop, fruit and vegetable farmers manage their activities with ease. Its a crop farm record keeping app that will enable farmers to manage crops and fields, register fields and plantings, track field/plantings treatments, record harvests, track revenue and expenses, etc.

The app makes crop management even more easier by providing reports to the user such field status report (Helps a farmer to get the current cultivation status of his fields), transaction report which helps a farmer to get insights about his crop farming transactions, the crop harvest report which helps a farmer know how much a given cultivation yielded for a specified period of time.

More other features come handy with the app such as field treatment tracking report and other farm activities, a user guide, the ability to set a passcode for privacy concerns, data backup and restore, etc.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as you use this app. It will help us make it the best crop management app for any modern farmer.