Crop Farmers App

Crop Farmers App

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This app gives a summarized guide for farmers dealing with crops, fruits and vegetables.

The app gives the farmer summarized information about crop, fruit and vegetable growing. The information details the climate and soil requirements, planting and how to harvest crops like avocado, bananas, beans, carrots, cassava, cucumber, garlic, Irish potato, lettuce, maize, and melon, onion, pepper and chili, pineapples and tomatoes.

The app also describes attacks such as pests and diseases that are more likely to attack those crops with their causes, symptoms, spread, and preventive and control measures. If applicable, the app advises on suitable farming practices to combat crop pests and diseases.

This app can act as a guide to new farmers or anyone practicing agriculture all over the world. Learn new farming techniques/ methods to prevent attacks on your crops and how to combat them.

It also provides information about the good practices that farmers can adopt to improve their yields while growing those crops. The app is free of charge and easy to use. Use this app and provide feedback on how we can continuously improve it to be the best guide for crops, fruits and vegetable farmers around the globe.