Money Purse

Money Purse

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Money purse is an app to help you manage your personal finances in a very simple way. It enables you to record and track your incomes and expenses, It also generates both textual and graphical reports for your expenditures/ incomes over a desired time period.

Not only does the app record your finances, it also helps you analyze your spending and earning trends over a given period of time using charts like bar chart and pie chart. Record your money as it comes and goes out of your hands.

This app is for everyone interested in checking on the status of his/her finances, knowing how you have done financially over a given desired period, income management.

Track your spending and earning , be able to export your transactions data to an excel file for other usages. Get periodic reminders about data entry. The app also allows it's user to set a pin to lock his data for his/her privacy concerns.

* Ability to record your personal daily expenses and incomes.

* Graphical representation of your earning and spending traits using pie charts and bar charts.

* Textual summary reports of your personal expenses and incomes.

* Show your income and expenditure trends over a desired time range.

* Daily reminders about data entry as per your desired setting.

*Automatic data backup is also provided.

* Passcode setting to enhance your privacy.

* Ability to export your expenses and income to an excel file.

* A user guide that comes handy with the app.

* Real time statistics

Based on the data entered, you can instantly see your expense/income by category and changes between each month. And you can see the change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a bar chart and pie chart as well.

Track your personal finances now with this free app and improve your financial planning, income and expense tracking, and analysis app for Android!